Memorial Masonry

Memorial Masonry

Memorial masonry regulations

Each cemetery and church Yard have their own regulations. What may be allowed in a local cemetery may not be allowed in a Church Yard. The regulations will stipulate the colours of stone you can use and the size of certain types of memorials. Some cemeteries may not allow inscriptions on the rear of memorial masonry and some churches may limit they style of badges, logos or emblems on stone work. We will work with you to ensure that all memorial applications are completed in accordance with the relevant regulations. It can be beneficial to look around the burial location to get a feel for what has already been erected.


We are able to supply all types of memorials ranging from simple vases and plaques to full headstones and kerb sets.

We will always provide full written estimates and layout proofs for your approval before work commences and ensure that all memorials comply with the various rules and regulations in Cemeteries and Churchyards.

We have a comprehensive memorial brochure for you to choose from but are also happy to work with you to design a totally bespoke memorial if you prefer.

We can also assist with the cleaning and renovation of existing memorials and offer a grave tending and flower placement service.