Advanced Funeral Wishes

Funeral Wishes:

We offer a free ‘My Funeral Wishes’ service where you can plan and document the requirements for your own funeral. The purpose of this service is to offer a very simple way for you to gain peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out. This is an alternative option for people who may not want to pre-pay for their funeral but would like to record their wishes.


Advanced Funeral Wishes.

This is a free service we provide to assist you with taking control of your funeral, and ensuring your wishes are known. Unlike a Pre-Payment plan that will mainly cover the financial aspect of a funeral with some basic ceremony information, recording your advance funeral wishes with us will truly allow you to take control of your funeral. You can specify the location of the service, who you would like to conduct the ceremony, what music, readings, and poem will be used. You can even take care of the little details like what photographs will be on the cover of your order of service. We understand that talking about death (especially your own) can be a very difficult thing to do but it really does make things easier for those left behind. Our advance funeral wishes service was created as a result of a client asking us to assist in broaching the subject of a funeral with their children after receiving a terminal diagnosis. They later said that the whole experience was not only very easy and cathartic but it allowed them to take control of something at a time when they felt they were losing control of everything else.

 The advance funeral wishes scheme has been so well received that some local doctors and nursing homes have recommended it to families. We have even run two pre-planning parties for local social groups that challenged a lot of pre-conceived ideas about funerals and demonstrated what is currently available to someone arranging a funeral.

Recording your wishes with us is totally free and you can update your wishes at any time. You are also under no obligation to use us when the time comes.