Welcome to New Forest Funerals

We are a truly independent funeral directors and monumental masons located in Fawley, Hampshire.

Welcome to New Forest Funerals

We are a truly independent Funeral Directors.

We are proud of our independence. And are the Watersides only independent funeral directors.

When you entrust us with making funeral arrangements, we strive to repay that trust with loyalty, professionalism, care, and a dedication to not only give you the very best service, but also the very best advice. We really are with you every step of the way. From our initial contact.

 Our philosophy.

We simply believe that a funeral should be as unique as the person it is representing. No two people are exactly the same and therefore no two funerals should be. What really matters is what is said and done at the funeral and not how much it cost. When you look back at a funeral you should be able to reflect on a unique life. We also believe that it is important to offer you continuity of care so you will always be looked after by either Martin or Mandie.

Martin Randle-Masters


I started my career as a trainee funeral director in 1991, working with an independent funeral director in Wiltshire, following a break in which I served with H.M Forces I returned to my calling of the funeral profession, initially in the area of Keith in North East Scotland, prior to moving to a woodland burial ground in Hampshire. From there I was appointed to a senior funeral director’s position in Southampton Where I met Mandie as a result of many frustrating conversations we realised we wanted the same thing for bereaved families, and the foundations for “New Forest Funerals” were laid.  As a qualified (DipFD) Funeral director from a military background I have found it easy to manage and plan large funerals having taken part in the training of state and military funerals. I have acted as a consultant for a number of other funeral directors and have provided training to a number of organisations to ensure the smooth running of a funerals. In 2014 I received an award from the Sikh community in Southampton for my role as a specialist funeral director. My desire at the formation of “New Forest Funerals” remains the same today, to provide the highest level of service and care to whoever needs our help with absolute equality. 

Mandie Pidgley


I started working within the funeral profession in 2007. Initially as an administrator for what was then the UK’s largest funeral directors. After training as a funeral arranger, I transferred to the local area and had the satisfaction of not only working with local families but also the privilege of working with families in the area that I live with along with my family. Martin and I have a shared passion for looking after and assisting bereaved families through the most difficult time many people will face. I am a keen supporter of a number of local charities and as a company we regularly support Oakhaven Hospice. I also work alongside a homeless charity. My desire at the formation of “New Forest Funerals”. was simply to give choice without compromise, in a professional yet compassionate way. Something I was unable to do in a corporate organisation.   

With you every step of the way

We can present you with all the available options to create a truly unique funeral for the person who has died. The basic decision of burial or cremation has to be made but that is where the limits end. There is no requirement to have a formal service of any kind if that would not be appropriate. There is no right or wrong way of doing things. In the past funeral directors would offer various packages that may include different types of coffin and varying sizes of cortege.